2019 Beekeepers School Hands-On Experience

The 2019 New Beekeepers Class had over 35 participants and met for 3 classroom sessions in Farmville. 

Congratulations to all new beekeepers!! We are looking forward to a great year ahead of us!! 

Everyone is invited to the Hands-On Experience on Saturday, March 23 in Phenix, Virginia.


The class hands-on experience will be held at Aspen Bees, 1617 Aspen Rd. Phenix, VA 23959. Set you GPS to 1301, not 1617. Our meeting will start at 1:00 PM, bathrooms are available, and a refreshment will be offered. Remember that bees are all about smell so you will want to leave all of your good smelly stuff at home and no smoking is allowed on Aspen property. Bring your bee suits and veils.

The class will be divided into 3 groups led by Harry Lowry, David Richmond and Tommy Nelson. Three, four, and seven frame hives will be opened as well as demonstrations on how to light a smoker and set a queen cage in a hive. Participants will also be able to see and set-up a double screen board hive to develop queen cells in the upper hive body.

Additional Information/Directions to March 23rd/1 pm Event