Ted Talks on Bees

Want to learn more about bees and the challenges they face. Click below for some informative Ted Talks!

General Information for the Beekeeper and Enthusiast

Many thanks to Peyton for sharing the link below!  Peyton attended a summer camp and one week's theme was nature. Peyton was asked to do research on bees and she was so excited because her favorite insect is the honeybee! Peyton found our club's website helpful and emailed us to share a great resource she found while researching for her camp project. Thank you again Peyton for your email and honeybee enthusiasm.

Information for the Interested Beekeeper

Jessica Driver, Apiary Inspector for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), created and distributed a quick reference guide for beekeepers when she spoke in March 2018 at the monthly Heart of Virginia Beekeepers Meeting.

Jessica Driver met with the club in February 2019 and talked about:

Beekeeper Pollinator Protection Best Management Practices,

Beehive Distribution Program (Reapply July 1, 2019),

Virginia BeeCheck Program (linking beekeepers with people who spray pesticides (VA.BeeCheck.org),

and the DGIF Guide for Electric Fencing for Bears.

Beekeeper Resources


Beekeeping Supply Resources